Frequently Asked Questions

If you have made a reservation but your plans have changed, it is possible to reschedule your booking. Please contact Terrasboot by phone for this. Make sure to do this well in advance to guarantee the availability of another time or day.
Yes, it is possible to rent multiple boats. For larger groups or special events, please contact Terrasboot to discuss the possibilities and plan your perfect day on the water.
The deposit you pay serves as security for fulfilling the obligations. It will be refunded within 14 days after the rental period, provided the boat is returned in good condition without any damage or loss.
After completing the payment for your reservation, you can request an invoice. Terrasboot will provide it to you digitally. Please contact customer service for this.
There is a grace period of 15 minutes. If you return the boat later, a penalty of twice the hourly rate will be charged pro rata for each additional minute started beyond the agreed rental period.
You can extend your trip by contacting Terrasboot by phone while sailing. The extension is subject to availability and the regular hourly rate will apply.
The minimum sailing duration is 2 hours. For special cases, please contact us for possibilities.
No, a boating license is not required to operate a boat at Terrasboot. You will receive clear instructions and guidelines for a safe journey.
For current opening hours, it is best to consult the website or contact Terrasboot directly.
The boarding location is located at Oosterkade in Utrecht. For more information, please check the location page.
Yes, you can bring your pet at your own risk on your boat trip.
You may not dock to trees, under or on bridges, and at places where it is indicated by a prohibition sign.
Yes, you can bring a stroller on board the terrace boat. Note: this is at your own risk.
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